ELE releases new video on concrete testing

ELE International has published a new video explaining how the latest technology in compression machines lowers costs and improves the quality and traceability of concrete testing.

The video is presented by ELE Senior Service Engineer Mark Bolton, who demonstrates the simplicity of the new touch-screen controls. He also shows viewers how to ensure compliance with Standards with a manual compression machine, and how users of automatic machines can do so whilst ensuring consistency and saving costs by freeing staff for other duties.

The four main benefits of the latest concrete compression machines are described, namely: accuracy, cost savings, traceability and safety. People who have used ELE equipment before will know that the company’s 50+ years reputation is built on the quality of the equipment, and the video describes how these latest machines are better by design, featuring a touch-screen interface and intuitive menu driven operation with the facility to store up to 500 fully traceable test results.

The cost of accurate testing is negligible in comparison with the cost of material failures, so one of the video’s main messages is: “If something is worth building; it’s worth testing properly.”

The video can be viewed HERE on ELE's website or alternatvely HERE on ELE’s YouTube Channel.

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