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Quantitech - mad as hatters!

MERCURY monitoring will be the major theme of Quantitech's participation at the 'MCERTS 2009' event to be held at the Bretby Conference Centre, 29th and 30th April 2009.

During the 19th Century mercury was used in the hat making process and it is believed that the neurological effects of exposure are responsible for the 'mad as a hatter' phrase. Today, mercury is a particular concern in processes that involve incineration; especially in coal fired power plants, cement kilns and crematoria.

Quantitech's Dr Gareth Pearson (who is completely sane) will run a workshop on both days of the MCERTS event outlining the latest technology for the measurement of mercury in stack gas emissions using the US EPA approved Appendix K Sorbent Trap Method.

The equipment necessary for mercury analysis will be demonstrated on the Quantitech stand 27/28 and experts will be available to discuss mercury monitoring or any other parameter from the several hundred compounds that can be measured by Quantitech’s range of portable and fixed MCERTS approved multiparameter emissions monitoring systems.

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Note to editors:
Quantitech Ltd specialises in the provision of the world’s leading environmental monitoring and occupational hygiene testing equipment. The company’s success is built upon the world-leading products and customised systems that it is able to offer, coupled with outstanding levels of service.

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