About Us

Buttonwood Marketing Limited is an award-winning marketing agency specialising in scientific communications.

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Our clients, in the UK and overseas, range from very small to large global manufacturers. They include some of the world’s leading businesses in environmental monitoring, environmental consultancy, medical and healthcare equipment, laboratory equipment, analytical services, certification bodies, renewable energy companies, Regulators and the organisers of environmental conferences and events.

Specialising in scientific and technical subjects, we take your key messages and deliver them to your target customers, consistently and regularly. This is achieved through a variety of marketing vehicles, all of which are dependent on the creation of high quality news material – PR, case studies and editorial.

The copy that we create appeals to the media because it is well written and interesting, but at the same time highlights the advantages of our clients’ products and services.

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Why Buttonwood Marketing?

  • an outstanding Team!
  • proven track record
  • technical knowledge
  • market knowledge
  • writing/creative ability
  • media contacts
  • obsession with quality
  • cost effective
  • passion and enthusiasm!!

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Our Values


We are committed to quality, almost to obsession. We will only work with organisations that have a similar commitment.

For third party confirmation of the quality of our work, please visit our testimonials page or contact our customers or some of the editors that regularly receive copy from us.

Continuous Improvement

All customers are asked to provide feedback that will dictate the way we work in the future. This is part of our own constant drive to get better.


We aim to minimise the effect of the business on the environment.

Wherever possible, waste material is recycled, low energy devices are deployed, and emissions of harmful substances are reduced or eliminated completely. We no longer post invoices or cheques and employ electronic methods whenever possible. Grey water is collected for re-use and (if the weather is OK) cycling is the preferred method of travel to work. We seek to work with suppliers that share our environmental objectives.

Honesty and Integrity

If we make a commitment, we fulfill it.

We believe that it is essential for every business to confront the brutal facts – if we think that some of your activities are an exercise in futility we will tell you!