Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Good marketing is regular, consistent, targeted and focused… it meets the needs of recipients… and is fresh and engaging.

Buttonwood Marketing is an award-winning scientific communications agency. Our clients operate within scientific & environmental sectors, with sustainability as a common thread. This specialism means that we have an unrivalled understanding of key markets, with longstanding associations in the environmental, sustainability, engineering, lab, medical, air quality, & water/waste media.

Based in the UK, we have clients all over the world, ranging from the Brazilian Government down to the smallest tech start-ups. For some, we simply provide content creation and media distribution services, but for others we deliver full-service marketing to raise client profiles, promote brand values, improve SEO and highlight key differentiators.

The content created by our staff is leveraged in published media, in digital marketing, on client websites and in social media. Typically, this content includes thought-leading articles, editorial, case studies, blogs and press releases, and their value is recognised by the editors of leading technical and trade media.

We measure our success by the success of our clients – please review our testimonials.
Please also click here for examples of our scientific PR, case studies & articles.

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