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Marketing communications for businesses that want to grow!

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Press Releases

Press Releases represent a very cost effective form of publicity creation. As Bill Gates once said “If I was down to my last Dollar, I would spend it on PR

PR that is constructed regularly and aimed at target customers is very effective at both brand creation/reinforcement and new business generation. PR helps to drive other important marketing vehicles. For example, it can be used in the content of Newsletters and ensures that web content is always fresh and interesting.

At Buttonwood Marketing we will create a Media Plan that identifies your key Media and establishes a detailed plan which ensures that all of your PR is issued at the right time, and in the right places.

There is no need for you to worry about missing deadlines – it will be our responsibility to ensure that your marketing plan stays on course.

If you want PR to be automatically appended to your web site, or to be included in regular direct mail or Newsletters we are happy to include this in our service.

Social Media

The value of PR and news stories can be leveraged through the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc. Importantly, Google now includes social media activity in its algorithm, so if you were previously sceptical that social media had a role to play in B2B marketing, this fact alone should be sufficient to encourage you to implement a social media strategy. However, many organisations do not encourage or allow access to social media during the working day, so B2B companies have to manage their expectations accordingly. Nevertheless, in a recent B2C campaign we generated over 1.5 million impressions using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter…

Advertising via Social Media can be very cost-effective because it is possible to tightly define the target audience (demographic, interest, job, industry, location etc.)

Clearly, Social Media does offer a convenient and fast method for engaging with prospective customers so Buttonwood Marketing has created and run sites for a number of our clients and they certainly make a useful contribution to the overall communication objectives.

Please visit the Buttonwood Marketing Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook pages for links to some of our clients’ sites and news items.


Video grows in importance with every day that passes. People like video; they can absorb information faster from video than from text, and screentime is becoming dominated by video. Please watch our video which offers 9 compelling reasons to use video in your marketing mix. (NB. ignore the phone number at the end of the video – our new number is +44 (0)1604 862 404.)


Editorial is of course similar to PR in that it generates highly cost effective publicity with target Media. However, editorial is a more subtle promotional tool. We liaise with key editors to identify subjects of editorial interest, and then create articles that meet that need and at the same time highlight the positive experiences that you or your customers have had with your products. This may take the form of Case Studies or technical feature articles. Please visit our News page for examples.

Case studies are particularly effective, in that they demonstrate 3rd party approval for your company; they are popular with editors and they often promote your customers as well.

To create a Case Study just give us a name and a telephone number, and we will do the rest.


Literature should follow a few basic rules:

  • it should follow a corporate theme (if you put all your literature on one table, does it look like it is all from the same company?)
  • it should be aesthetically pleasing
  • it should completely fulfil its function (what is its purpose?)
  • it should be clear and concise (matching colours, minimum number of fonts etc)

Our designers are skilled and experienced in creating text and images that catch the imagination of your target customers.


Advertising expenditure is often wasted on pointless Ads that simply remind customers that a business or product exists. We urge all of our customers to sell what it does – not what it is. A famous perfumer once said: “in the factory we make perfume, but in the shop we sell dreams!” At Buttonwood Marketing we will help you to ensure that your advertisements portray one simple compelling message.

We are also exclusive agents for 5 major Middle East media brands: waterHQ, healthHQ, constructionHQ, foodHQ and energyHQ. If you need to raise your profile by advertising in the MENA region – click here.

Web sites

Web sites are not just shop windows! Many companies spend a lot of money creating an attractive shop window, but then forget to put anything interesting (or still within its shelf-life!) inside. All web sites should have a section for the latest news.

You may have the best shop in the world, but if no one can find it; all your efforts will go to waste. There are a few simple rules that dictate how a site should be constructed and managed.

We can provide help and advice on search engine optimisation (SEO) – an essential feature of every succesful website.

Media advice and consultancy

With over 20 years of experience helping customers to refine their brand messaging, we can help clients develop a proposition that appeals to their target audience. So that’s how we help when things are going well, but if there is a problem our services can become even more valuable.

A wide variety of factors can cause enormous damage to a brand with potentially serious implications. In these situations we can help develop a media strategy to protect your brand during and after a crisis.

PayPerClick Advertising

Google Ads can be a cost-effective, fast tool for: raising awareness; bringing targeted visitors to a website; and for generating leads. It also provides almost instantaneous feedback on performance so that advertising campaigns can we continually refined and improved. Buttonwood Marketing has many years of experience in running Google campaigns for clients – contact us now to find out if this is a tool that could work for your business.