Buttonwood Marketing has announced that it is now the exclusive agent in the UK and Ireland for CPH WORLD MEDIA (L.L.C.), including the following brands:

    • waterHQ – Established in 1977 and originally known as Arab Water World, WaterHQ is the leading water sector publication in the Middle East. Key editorial features include desalination, water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, water quality, and all of the equipment and services utilised by the water sector. Companies involved with testing/monitoring should click here.
      For waterHQ media data, click here. 
    • constructionHQ – Established in 1983 as Arab Construction World, ConstructionHQ is the leading construction industry publication in the Middle East, offering manufacturers of building, housing and highway equipment and materials with exposure to key buyers, specifiers, civil engineers and architects in the Middle East.
      For constructionHQ media data, click here.
    • foodHQ – Established in 1985 as Arab Food World, foodHQ is the leading food and beverage industry publication in the Middle East, covering ingredients, beverages, manufacturing, processing and bottling equipment as well as hospitality in the Middle East. For foodHQ media data, click here.
    • healthHQ – Established in 1986 as Arab Health/MENA Health World, healthHQ provides a specialist platform for the latest news on healthcare and nutrition in the Middle East with particular focus on hospital, laboratory and clinical instruments and equipment.
      For healthHQ media data, click here.
    • energyHQ – Launched in January 2023, energyHQ is a new energy platform providing the latest news on equipment, technology and services within the natural gas, petroleum, coal, nuclear and renewable energy sectors. For energyHQ media data, click here.

“This is great news for any business in the UK or Ireland looking to raise its profile in the Middle East,” explains Buttonwood MD, Graham Meller. “We have worked with this media group for decades, so we know how well they are regarded in the MENA region. However, in recent years, they have expanded their readership and their focus on digital communications, which means that they now also offer access to other global regions.”

Any organisation looking to grow in the Middle East and North Africa, should start by clicking here.