ADAS celebrates World Environment Day with free resource for schools…

ADAS has created a free downloadable educational poster as part of the World Environment Day (WED) celebrations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues.

WED is a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.

This year, WED is taking place on 5th June and the theme is: ‘Forests: Nature at Your Service’.

In support of the WED goals, the ADAS poster provides school children with an explanation of the many ways in which trees benefit the environment.

Entitled ‘TREES: Nature at Your Service’ the ADAS poster explains the role of trees in the sequestration of Carbon Dioxide and the production of Oxygen, whilst linking this information to climate change. The figures for deforestation in the UK are given, so the poster could be used as an introduction to subjects such as worldwide deforestation and rainforests.

Areas of learning such as the growth and nutrition of green plants, and the role of micro-organisms, are also introduced in the poster. The life cycle of trees is explained and the role of trees as habitats is illustrated. Teachers might therefore consider using the poster to support the scientific investigation of local trees and woodlands.

The poster has been designed to support learning within the Key Stage 2 and 3 Science Curriculum.

Commenting on the launch of the new poster, Vanessa Sturman from the Sustainability Leadership group at ADAS said: “We hope that as many schools as possible will download this poster because it will help to raise awareness of the important role that trees perform in environmental protection.

“Deforestation is a major problem for the whole planet, but if we can help to ensure that every child appreciates the value of trees, then we have a greater chance of making the future a better place.”

The ADAS poster has been created as a high-resolution pdf file in both A3 and A2 versions, and can be downloaded (free of charge)

ADAS is also seeking to promote collaborative efforts to improve sustainability by joining the Prince’s Mayday Network, which is a collaboration of businesses taking action on climate change and resource depletion, see

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