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With a customer base spread across Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Herts & Northants, Haze Cleansing Services specialises in the disposal of liquid waste, cctv surveys and the unblocking and refurbishment of drains. In the past, the company has owned inspection cameras, but MD Alex Frankland says: “We have started to rent the latest cameras from Ashtead Technology and have found this to be a better approach.”

Typically, Haze supplies licensed liquid waste disposal and cleaning services for septic tanks, oil interceptors, car parks, road gullies and grease traps. This work often necessitates the remote inspection of underground pipes, and in the past Haze used its own remote crawler for this work. However, the crawler recently fell into an underground void and one of Haze’s clients tried to remove it with excessive force, which resulted in substantial damage to the crawler. Alex was then confronted with the decision to purchase a replacement or to hire inspection equipment when required.

“We had previously hired an i-Cam Solo Pro pushrod from Ashtead,” Alex explains, “so we were already aware of the benefits of renting, and it seemed sensible to continue doing so because it gave us the flexibility to hire the most appropriate instrument for each job and because this ensured that the latest equipment would be available clean, checked and ready for work every time.”

After switching to instrument rental, the Haze Cleansing Services team have benefited from the flexibility that this approach offers. “Both the pipe diameter and the length of run can vary enormously so it is very useful to be able to pick an instrument from Ashtead’s fleet that can do the job effectively,” Alex says. “This ensures that we are able to quickly identify root damage, dropped collars or breaks, and supply clients with extremely good quality images.”

The workshop, which took place at TSI’s UK headquarters in High Wycombe was attended by health, safety and environment managers and consultants from a wide variety of industries. George Foulger from the Clancy Group, a leading provider of multi-utility services, found the day very useful, commenting: “There was a good mix of both occupational safety and environmental monitoring information. The presenters were obviously very knowledgeable and the presentations were pitched at just the right level.”

Summarising, Ashtead’s Jay Neermul says: “The loss of a crawler meant that Haze Cleansing Services were able to decide whether they should purchase a replacement or simply rent the best inspection equipment for each job. They chose to rent because this provides greater flexibility, avoids capital costs and retains access to the latest technology.”

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